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We provide the most flexible, easy to use HOA web site tool on the market. Features include:
  • Immediate user setup and maintenance without the bottleneck of webmasters or vendors
  • Simple page creation for the non-programmer allows anyone to post content, control menu navigation, maintain HOA data and upload pictures
  • Robust event management including member submission of new events, leadership approval, multi-format output (including links to additional content), and historical tracking
  • Mailing Lists with security over list use, list membership, and list creation
  • Unlimited content administrators to eliminate bottlenecks and keep your HOA website content fresh
  • Four levels of individual security to protect your privacy while allowing appropriate public access.
  • Unit registry configurable to track homes by owner and resident, address, and ID number
  • Fully integrated message boards to allow interactive communication by topic or group
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Full Service Setup Option
As part of our regular service (and without additional charge), a trained customer support manager will assist you in setting up your homeowners association website. However, if you don't have the time to commit to the initial setup of the HOA website but would like to maintain it in the future, we do offer a premium setup service. For a flat fee of $100, our support staff will take all content you send (text, pictures, documents, membership, etc) and create your homeowners asssociation website for you. The same support staff will then train you on how to make updates and edits in the future. Just let us know if you're interested in this service and we'll provide more information.

HOA Web Site Content Maintenance Services
While we have done everything possible to make our toolset easy for community volunteers to build a terrifc HOA web site, we realize that not all HOAs have access to a complete range of technical services (or the interest in committing the time). We can assist with many tasks:
  • scanning pictures or documents and converting to electronic format
  • creating electronic forms for change requests (most associations seem to require that request forms be printed, filled out, and mailed in with additional supporting documentation)
  • complex page content creation
  • additional training for site admins
  • general content administration at low contract rates
If you happen to be in area where we have representatives available, we can even come out with a digital camera and take pictures for use on your homeowners association web site.

Just contact us to find out all the ways we can help.

Domain Name and Mail Services
By far our most popular add-on service is simple domain name registration. Your first domain in included in the base price. No chasing down competitive bids, navigating complex control panels, or worrying about who'll do the renewal if John Doe moves to Texas. For $1/month/domain, we'll serve as your registrar for as many additional domains as you might need and direct all of the additional domains to your primary HOA web site. The add on domain name service is ideal for HOA's that have a common and formal name, have a name that is commonly misspelled, or just want to cover the .org/.com/.net spectrum. (full list of benefits)

As of September 2015, we've upgraded our email service offerings.  Click here for full details!

Logo Design
We screened over 60 vendors to locate a high quality, low cost graphics vendor who has produced a steady stream of great logos for our clients. They will design a logo for you for just $50. Most importantly, Nitelife Graphics can (with your password authorization) place proposals right on your site so that you can integrate their work with your look and feel settings. Check out their work for us at

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